terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Manifesto from the World Problems Association

A response to the Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference

(The "World Problems Association" is an institution that brings together the most active problems in the world, as a way to keep their strength and influence upon people and communities.)

We, problems members of this Association, decided to join this manifesto to express our disgust about everything that happened during the 10th International Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference.

As an association that gathers problems that affect people all over the world, we did not like the way we were treated in this Congress.

We express our concern with the Narrative Practices as they have consistently undermined our intensive work with people, families and communities all over the world.

We do not like practices that lead people to take initiatives to achieve preferred modes of living.

We do not like when those who are subject to our control are beginning to re-write their stories.

We do not like when communities begin to lift their heads above the clouds.

We do not like when the narrative practices are brought to the workplace or schools, or any other place.

We do not like when families, including their children, fathers, mothers, or anyone else begin to discover and give attention about what or whom they value in their lives.

We do not like many of the questions that narrative therapists do to people, that contributes to give them a new sense of identity.

All of this makes us weak and amplifies our sense of defeat, which is definitely not good for our oppressive plans.

Therefore, we declare that this Conference was very disheartening for all of our associates all around the world, and we sincerely hope that meetings like this do not happen anymore.

Signed by
Problems joined against Life

[Written by João David Mendonça, inspired by the work of David Epston, Michael White, and many others narrative therapists)

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Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun disse...
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Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun disse...

This is excellent! Can I please translate it in French and post it on our blog (quoting you as the author of course) ? And the problems have not finished to have hard time, with the increasing influence of narrative practices all over the world. Thanks and bravo
Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, la Fabrique Narrative, Bordeaux, France, pbsh.coach@me.com

Anônimo disse...

Stop complaining, will you ! Just keep trying hard ! I wonder if you can make it though,I mean, despite all these anti-problems conferences ! Just how did you let them happen ? Is there a possibility that you should not oppress the whole world after all ? Are you experiencing some kind of trauma ? Are there any communities elsewhere in the world you could share this manifesto with ? Do you think they should worry about these conferences too ? I would love to know about that. Catherine

jd disse...

Dear Pierre. I´m so glad to know that you are interested in sharing this review. Please feel free to translate it in French. I'll appreciate if you send me the link. Hugs from Brazil!!

jd disse...

Hello Catherine. You´re right! These are greats questions to ask for them! Thanks for developing the idea. Hugs from Brazil.